Excellent Marketer Wanted

Do you have a good track record marketing new products?

We have an ebook that’s listed on Amazon. Because of the subject matter and the quality of the ebook, expect it to sell well. It could sell tens of thousands of copies monthly around the world.

You may want to be the person responsible for marketing it. You could get a third of the money that Amazon sends us.

Marketing the Ebook

We have a goal of 10,000 ebook sales a month. We have a marketing budget of a third of the ebook sale income.

If you think you can do a superb job of marketing the ebook, use the contact button above and give us some sort of timeline that you would need. Please give milestones along with the timeline.

If you become our marketing person but it looks like you are too out of sync with your timeline, we’ll have to discuss it with you. We may have to get a second marketing person to help you out. Then the two of you would have to split the commission in a way that seems fair to all concerned.

The 10,000 sale number is reasonable because, judging from how the book has been received, we believe the ebook could become a textbook for nurses colleges, disability caregivers, etc.

It could be studied by staff in restaurants and other service industries throughout the English-speaking world.

To learn more about this ebook & what it has to offer, click on the various hyperlinks in the horizontal menu above.

If you are interested in marketing the ebook, How to Serve Customers with Disabilities, click the Contact Us link above. Let us know how successful a marketer you have been in the last two years. Don’t be afraid to brag. Let us know if you have had any success with Amazon ebooks and/or with introducing new products to the marketplace.